Thursday, October 02, 2008

You Can Get him Frakenstein

Well first off the files should be working all properly now. Secondly sorry for the delay. Just a hitch in getting stuff up so it will be an action packed weekend with a few extra posts than normal. The first is the Castle Kings' - You Can Get Him Frankenstein. It's the kind of campy beantnick rock song I could see being used in a MST3K-esque goofy comedic horror movie from the 60s.


BigNoseBob said...


Great song. I actually have a you know if there's gonna be another Monster Mash-Up project this year (I believe last years was "Son Of")?

The Dude said...

I would guess that there would be since one has come out all the past 3 years I think. If you search for DJ BC, I think he's been a part of most of them and he might know for sure.