Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Horror Flick

A new track from Chamillionaire's Mixtape Messiah 4. Honestly one of the most underrated MC's out in my opinion, not to mention his always solid mixtapes which are usually light on subpar guests and high on Chamillionaire's rhymes. The Horror has a spooky beat that sounds like a Houston-ized horror soundtrack beat. Imagine John Carpenter in the studio with Pimp C.

The picture above is from the remake of the 1974 film Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I haven't seen the remake yet because I want to see the original first, however I'm a little scared to try watching the original alone. I can dig spooky shit, but when it gets down to the middle of the country gore type stuff, I grew up a little out of the neighbor to neighbor houses and 5 miles from a supermax prison so I still tend to get more scared during those type of flicks.

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