Monday, October 05, 2015

Night of the Phantom

I remember a few years back I first heard Larry and the Blue Notes Night of the Sadist or as its sometimes titled the Night of the Phantom for radio stations that found Sadist to be a little too dark.

The original is a scuzzy garage rock classic. So what's this one? A Scuzzy Post Punk classic by the Last Drive Off of their album Underworld Shakedown (Great title right?) It's pretty similar but the vocals are a little more whiskey worn and the guitar carries a little more buzz but its just as much the classic as the original. In fact it might even go better if thrown into a little Halloween Mix.

Hope you enjoy the first track of this years Sonic Spooky Soundtrack.

The Last Drive - The Night of the Phantom

Who You Gonna Call? I'm Back

Back for 2015. I've Risen from my Grave. I almost forgot about this place. The Voodoo must have worked a little too well...

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Werewolf by Night Halloween Mix

I can't believe I've been doing this for nine years now! Wow. Almost 250 posts. I wanted to repost one of my prouder moments since I started. This is a mix I made full of great Halloween songs. Its nearly an hour with everything from Werewolves of London to The Monster Mash.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

The Monster

So by now, if you follow this blog, you can tell I listen to damn near anything. Why doesn't music like this ever come back. Some Lead singers, some chorus, some rocking bop saxophone. Can't that work? Or does everything need to be autotune over digital beats. Hell I like electronic too, Its just not the only thing I want to hear.

Anyways, old man rant aside. I love this song. By Billy Ford and His Thunderbirds, or according to the info I have, Billy is Billy and The Thunderbirds consist of one girl, Lillie. Billie is the proverbial Monster of Rock N Roll.

Evil Ways

You might remember a previous post from Black Mountain. They're an amazing stoner rock band that sounds like mud sludge waves hitting shore. They also have both female and male vocalists so they're songs can shift between haunting or more aggressive.

Evil Ways is from their album In the Future.


With a verse that sounds like a creepy haunted carnival, any song called Screamin' had to make the blog. More to the point its music from one of my favorite bands ever. Miracle Legion, later known as Polaris on the Adventures of Pete and Pete. I shared one of their songs before, The Monsters Loose. Despite the carnival atmosphere its kind of a murky depressing song with a chorus of going "Straight for the Rocks" It kind of sneaks up on you but I love this and frontman Mark Mulcahy. They're actually going on tour this fall as Polaris. I highly suggest you catch them if they're in your area.

Here's the remaining dates.
Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY
11/28 – Johnny Brenda’s, Philly PA
11/29 – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Normally I don't post a lot of Metal. It's almost too easy to find a Iron Maiden song featuring Satanic imagery. Not that I don't dig the genre itself. This song however is absolutely perfect. Called Halloween it's off of Mastodon's most recent album. If you like bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, you'll like Mastodon. Mastodon - Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Walked With A Zombie...Last Night

I think some of my favorite songs ever written were by Roky Erickson. He just writes these amazing little pop hooks that are on par with almost anything the Beatles came up with. The thing is, most of those songs are about ghosts, demons, zombies or cold nights for alligators so they don't quite get their proper due.

This is the second song I've posted from a compilation called Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye. From the late 80s, its a pretty amazing collection of popular alt acts at the time playing covers of some of Erickson's best songs.

R.E.M. - I Walked With a Zombie

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Went through the archives...was shocked to see I had never posted one of my favorite covers of Thriller...the reggae version by Easy Star Allstars. Now you might be averse to reggae but honestly this version is just great. The shuffling rhythm lends something completely different to the song.

Being that zombies are most prominent in Haiti and New Orleans it only makes sense their music would naturally be closer to the tropic shuffling of reggae right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Witch Queen of New Orleans

You might know Redbone from a a movie Called Guardians of the Galaxy. Their song, Come and Get Your Love was featured prominently. Its a great funky soul classic rock song, but they have a pretty full discography of great music.

Witch Queen of New Orleans is just one of them. I've even heard it described as a country song, which I can see. Its even got a creepy chant like chorus and mentions of Voodoo. Not to mention the haunting drone of what might be a theremin?

Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans

Monday, October 20, 2014


This track is from a band I've featured before. Wooden Shjips are a semi psychadelic garage rock band from San Francisco and they, like many garage bands occasionally veer into the supernatural. Their album West is one o my favorites and has a gorgeous picture of the Golden Gate bridge. Their newest album isn't quite as beautiful, and definitely doesn't have any ghoulish imagery so I had to go with an illustration from a Ultraforce comic book. That character above is called Ghoul.

Wooden Shjips - Ghouls

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slaughter on 10th Ave

Other than the title I'm not sure I can definiitively state what makes this song spooky. But as I was thinking about it it kind of hit me, if you didn't imagine someone riding waves on a hot summer day, surf music is inherently otherworldly. Also, this has a little organ breakdown, one of the most haunted instruments there is. Enjoy this Japanese track but Takeshi Terauchi and his Blue Jeans!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Count Macabre

Theres a million reasons why every band should write a spooky Halloween song. Foremost among them, immortality. I can't find any information on the Connoisseurs but their song Count Macabre lives on thanks to it being basically a slower more ghoulish version of Yakety Yak. 

The Connoisseurs - Count Macabre

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who Let the Devil

The Fresh and Only's are one of my favorite newer bands from San Francisco. They do jangly psychadelia. Kind of a mix between Athens Alt circa 1980 and the psychadelic bands that are always floating around the bay area.

Who Let the Devil is off their new album House os Spirits. If that isn't Halloween centric I don't know what is.

The Fresh and Onlys - Who Let the Devil

Opening Titles

This guy Umberto is amazing. All his stuff is basically 70s or 80s inspired horror music for movies that haven't been made. But this one right here, Opening Titles is a song that just immediately makes you think of the credits showing as a series of angles slowly creeps in on a house in autumn. It could be a ghost movie, a slasher, who knows, but it sounds haunting. I really should have made this the first track of the blog this year but clearly I haven't been doing a good job in the way of planning. I hope you enjoy it anyways! Umberto - Opening Titles

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jimmy and the Munsters

Being both a huge fan of Jimmy Smith and Halloween music, it shocks me I didn't find this until the last year. Off of Jimmy Smith's Monster album it features his loose funky cover of the Munsters theme. 

If you're wondering who Jimmy Smith is he's a famous pianist/organist who was sampled on the Beastie Boys Root Down. His album, Live at the Root Down is Amazing.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Thriller (Sabo Moombahton Remix)

One of the reasons I do this blog isn't just that I love Halloween but 2of my favorite songs, spookiness not withstanding are Thriller and the Monster Mash. I've heard a lot of remixes of Thriller....most of them not really doing anything to change it for the better or even offer much of a different take. This one though is near perfect. Still won't top the original but it strips most of Michael Jackson's vocals but maintains Vincent Price...probably my favorite part of the song.

In place of Michael theres a digital synth that takes over and it still works. This is the Thriller the zombies dance to once they've taken over the world.

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Sabo Moombahton Remix)

It Gets Dark...

Okay so I now its late and I hope you keep checking back. I knew I needed to start with a good one and besides the name of the song I think its a grea into to Halloween. The one thing thats always synonymous with Halloween is the rapidly approaching night. In Summer where I live the Sun is out to almost 10 but by October its almost completely gone by 7. The experience in the city changes. Things that were typically done through the beaming orange glow of sundown are done amidst a cool breeze, a black night and crunchy leaves. Its hard not to feel Halloween approaching.

This song is a great dance track but it has an ominous vocal throughout. It sounds like the credit sequence to a horror film and would make a great segway into something like Thriller.

Holy Ghost - It Gets Dark

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Its Alive...Reanimated for 2014

Late on the post but just wanted to let everyone know: I"M BACK.

More posts coming tomorrow!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Munsters Theme by Insatiable

Its been a long time since I posted (anything) a ska song. Or a Munsters cover. But here it is, what is probably the last song of the Ghost Town for This year. It starts out normal and slowly gets slower and then crazier. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Ghost Town Presents Ghosttown

Ahh, this is a really new cover and I discovered it a while back and was gonna wait to post it. I think my laziness (which is due to me moving and a million other things happening) decries that this is the perfect time.

This cover is by the Hot 8 Brass Band who also have an amazing cover of sexual healing. The original is by the Specials and is a classic song. You might remember it from Shaun of the Dead when Shaun awakes hungover as zombies are staggering across the city although he doesn't notice.

Anyways, this slow squirmy song is a pretty good selection for a version done by a New Orleans Brass band. They seem to be good at making things sneak and crawl smoothly.

Hot 8 Brass Band - Ghost Town

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rockin' the Graveyard

There's part of me that thinks I've posted this before but I couldn't find a trace of it...although I'm admittedly feeling a little tired and lazy so...who knows. This is a old rockabilly song that starts out with some great spooky whistling and an evil laugh. Its by Jackie Morningstar which sounds more like a Vegas show host type name then a Rockabilly singer but its a good track.

Jackie Morningstar - Rockin' The Graveyard

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chariots of Pumpkins

This song was actually inspired in an incredibly roundabout way but the image above is relevant. I was listening to Kevin Smith's Podcast called Fatman on Batman. I had never really gotten into podcasts but had heard of it and since I liked comic books gave it a shot since he was interviewing some interesting people who had been involved in the batman cartoon show of the early 90s. I must have watched every episode a million times as a kid so it seemed interesting. I also used to collect and read comics a lot as a kid and still try and read things here and there. Recent favorites like DMZ, Batman the Long Halloween and Y the Last Man amongst others.

Anyways, during one of his podcasts he was interviewing some of the people responsible for the more recent Batman animated movies that have been coming out direct to dvd. One of them was the composer and Kevin Smith got to talking about how one of his first vinyl purchases was getting the soundtrack to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. My favorite story was him turning on the soundtrack as he tried to make out with a girl and shockingly that did not go well.

It does go well with Halloween however. This version is a lot more electronic sounding and drives a little harder than the original. Also its called Chariots of Pumpkins witch is just awesome.

John Carpenter - Chariots of Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monster Mash

To follow up the Monster Mash ripoff I posted yesterday I posted an old cover of the Monster Mash by the Mighty Echoes. This song is a doo wop with no instruments or backing music. It was down to this and another Monster Mash cover but this one was odd enough and good enough that it took the prize this year. I guess the Mighty Echoes are a acapella/doo wop group from Southern California that started in the 80s. That makes them around the same era as Rockapella...which makes me hope both bands were each other's worst enemies and battled it out like the image above.

The Mighty Echoes - Monster Mash

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nightmare Mash

You can't really come much closer to ripping off a song than the Nightmare Mash. Most of the music is the very similar but it has a bouncier piano loop then the Monster Mash but the vocals and lyrics are changed. Still its a nice little song to switch up around Halloween time and still get the same effect. What's really surprising to me is that while I've found plenty of Monster Mash covers it was only recently I found the Nightmare Mash.

Billy Lee Riley - Nightmare Mash

After Hours

This is a song from the Soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's After Hours. Its a strange bizaare film that I might classify as horror. I caught it on cable about 10 years ago or so at 5 in the morning when I used to stay up crazy late. It was just so strange and the perfect movie for that night. It also is strangely identifiable as its just about one, not necessarily exciting but just strange night that won't end. I think we've all had one. Where all you want to do is get home but you can't whether its a flat tire or stuck at work or can't find a bus or a taxi and you just get stuck, maybe you're only 10 miles from home but somehow it feels like you'll never make it back.

The soundtrack is done by Howard Shore. It reminds me a lot of John Carpenter's early work as its very digital. Its also relatively simple and there's something really disconcerting about it all. Paired with the movie it works perfectly.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monster Party

Mostly an instrumental this is a great little bop and rock n roll song by Bill doggest. There are some good lines though, my personal favorite being "Knock Knock, Who's there, Frankenstein, Where's the Wine". I like the idea of Frankenstein showing up hoping to get crazy drunk on good wine. There's also a lot of evil laughter and a reference to Rodan which is either the Japanese movie monster or a german sci fi hero from a series of books.

Bill Doggest - Monster Party

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Mummy's Ball

One of the things I miss is that putting out a weird supernatural themed song like this was commonplace back in the day, just something you might make to try to get big. Imagine if Kanye or Pearl Jam decided to write a song about a werewolf or a mummy. Thankfully there's so much that I'm in no danger of running out of new songs to post. My lack of daily updates notwithstanding.

The vocals on this track by The Verdicts are amazing. One of my favorites I've posted in a long while. They were a band from New York that put out some singles in the 50s and early 60s. This track is from 1961 so it was released even before the Monster Mash. That's the crazy thing is that while the Monster Mash provoked a string of similar songs after its release, horror tinged singles were nothing new in 1962.

The Verdicts - The Mummy's Ball

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Randy Fuller - Wolfman

This image encompasses all ther easons why I read comics. Its a werewolf battling a vampire...on the Moon. Its like everything I love all happening at once and something that almost never would appear in a movie, and never as crazy. Plus theres even what appears to be the Werewolf's girlfriend, also on the moon. Because, well, why not?

This is a psuedo instrumental combined with Wolfman Jack adding in his own vocals over the top and also occasional howling. One of my favorite things about werewolf songs is, you might be a bad singer, but its almost impossible for you to be bad at howling. Which makes me thing maybe more than just canine's used to howl...

Maybe the Werewolf myth is a little truer than we know?
(Probably not, but that won't stop me from enjoying a good werewolf flick)

Randy Fuller - Wolfman

Tomorrow I'm gong to be on the West Coast so my posts might be crazy late. Then again they always are, so probably no difference.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still trying to get caught up this year. When I originally started this blog it was way back in 2006, I was in school, kind of, not working and had way to much free time. It's crazy that It's almost 7 years later, I'm totally out of school, working full time, still a lot hasn't changed. I'm definitely just as bad at time management, the biggest difference I have less of it. I also get tired easier. Stupid getting old...I need a recharge and a lightnight bolt through my hair. I think that would help.

The Squalls are a mid 80s band that came from Athens, Georgia. You can here some similarities to some of the other Athens Bands like REM but these guys are a little more upbeat than some of their alt contemporaries. It kind of reminds me of a hybrid of Huey Lewis and the News and Simple Minds...if that makes any sense at all. Still a good song.

Squalls - Bride of Frankenstein

Embodiment of Evil

Finally this year for the First Time I saw the Meat Puppets live. You could tell they've been playing together for decades. They went through a lot of songs without much banter just grooving into one song from the next during a nice night last July. I had meant to see them a few other times but never got around to getting tickets but managed to catch an outdoor festival they were playing at. I think I may have posted a Meat Puppets song in this past but I thought this was a cool little instrumental with a spooky flavor. I highly reccomend their stuff especially their 80s albums.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blue Ghost

Today is another old one. Bubblegum pop that I don't listen to a lot but is good in small doses. I can't hear this stuff without thinking about Mr. Sandman playing during the scene in Back to the Future when Marty first walks into 1955 Hilly Valley. One of my favorite films of all time, I've probably scene it a few too many times. I always wanted to go as Marty but don't think I could pull it off for too many reasons.

Readers what are you going as this year?

Tommy Roe with the Jordanaires - Blue Ghost

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spook Walk

So last year in the midst of posting and October's craziness I had ended up suffering a hard drive failure and so I lost track of a big folder of stuff I had organized and gotten ready to post. Luckily I was able to find a lot of it, and even more than that realized some great songs I thought I posted are still just waiting.

I really love this Song called The Spook, by of all bands, the Spooks. Not necessarily the most creative guys on the planet but this could easily be the backing music to a late 50s or early 60's drive-in movie. I can already see the poorly filmed surf van driving to the beach where, well something stupid happens. It was a drive-in movie so, the point wasn't the plot but a rubber monster costume and maybe a car crash or two.

The Spooks - The Spook

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Tonights featured song is a little loose as far as it being paranormal or gruesome. Titled Midnight its not quite about anything more than heading out once it gets dark, but sometimes thats enough to be spooky. I was just riding my bike through the faded leaves on a trail underneath an overpass with no lights anywhere around me, that alone made everything seem just creepy enough, werewolf howl's weren't even necessary.

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight

Monday, October 07, 2013

Somebody's Watching Me

 What's the best thing about being the son of the founder of Motown Records? Getting Michael Jackson on your record, easily selling millions...It has it's advantages. Rockwell put out his first album Somebody's Watching Me in 1985 and got Michael Jackson to sing the hook. It's got a fun if not surprisingly cheap video that does not feature Michael Jackson

This is a remixed's more spooky I guess? Its mostly similar there's just what I might call a haunted breakdown in the middle of the track.

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Manfred Mann - Devil Woman

I don't even know how to quite describe this song. Its like Manfredd Man doing a weird Rolling Stones x Tom Waits distillation. Its got a weird smoky brass New Orleans vibe. It really started to get to me the more I listened to it. I really dig it, and was quite excited when I discovered it as sometimes I worry that I've already posted all the good stuff but its nice to prove myself wrong.

Also, I had to resist using a picture of of an ex for a post image. But this is from Marvel comics so I like it way better.

Manfred Mann - Devil Woman

I'm Alive...

Crazy week, had to deal with a break-in at my house, work and everything else.

But trust me, posts are coming. Adding one more tonight and more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goblin Town

This may be the last post this year. I realize this was my laziest year of posting and I wish it hadn't been such a clusterfuck. But I'm hoping to maybe continue to keep up the blog with once a week posts. I also have some other plans to build on the blog for anyone that might be interseted in seeing more besides just music. Hopefully you enjoyed what i posted this year. There was plenty I wish I had gotten up but I still have plenty more to eventually ad. Hopefully you had a good Halloween and I hope to see you back soon.

This is a track that's a remix from the Goblin's song in the animated version of the Hobbit. I figure sine Goblins are Halloween affiliated even if those particular Goblins aren't this still counts...right?

Mux Mool - Goblin Town

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Devil Within

I guess the guy above is called Kid Devil...of course he is.

This track is by a band I've featured in the past called Midnight Juggernauts. They're from Australia. They're very similar to Cut Copy and Justice, plus they have a lot of haunted tracks!

Midnight Juggernauts - Devil Within

Monday, October 29, 2012


You want demonic garage rock? Look no further then Texas. The Mind Spiders (which sounds creepy enoughas it is) are fromTexas and they specialize in grimy licks and haunted vocals. They just put out a new album this year and are relatively young.

I'm hoping to double or triple up on the posts tomorrow to better fulfill my full Halloween posts. Stay tuned.

The Mind Spiders - Skull-Eyed