Tuesday, October 07, 2014

It Gets Dark...

It Gets Dark NYC

Okay so I now its late and I hope you keep checking back. I knew I needed to start with a good one and besides the name of the song I think its a grea into to Halloween. The one thing thats always synonymous with Halloween is the rapidly approaching night. In Summer where I live the Sun is out to almost 10 but by October its almost completely gone by 7. The experience in the city changes. Things that were typically done through the beaming orange glow of sundown are done amidst a cool breeze, a black night and crunchy leaves. Its hard not to feel Halloween approaching.

This song is a great dance track but it has an ominous vocal throughout. It sounds like the credit sequence to a horror film and would make a great segway into something like Thriller.

Holy Ghost - It Gets Dark

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