Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Reluctant Ghoul

Another song from the Famous Monsters. It's some great slow burn Rockabilly instrumental. Once again I'll try not to post to many instrumentals as sometimes it's hard to get in the spirit unless you can feel the spooky overtones. And I think I can, sonically, it's my mutant power. Stuff like this makes me wonder why Rockabilly isn't a more popular sound. It just sounds so warm and the music just seems perfect to any occasion. In fact I would issue a challenge to anyone that if you listen to Jack the Ripper by Link Wray you'll automatically feel whatever it is you're doing at the time is infinitely cooler.

Let me know if you're reading this and having any problems downloading or listening to the MP3s. Everything's working on my end so hopefully it works across the internet waves.

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