Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freddy's Return

I wanted to make sure I got a song up by the Phantom Rockers as they are one of my favorite Gothabilly groups and I also was hoping I could post another song about Freddy since last years Fat Boys and Freddy Post.

I just got done watching Nightmare 2 and am almost done with Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Most recently I also watched the Scream trilogy. And I have a few thoughts about Wes Craven films, mostly that the first is so much better than the sequels. I did like the Scream films, but they seemed to get cheesier with every sequel and one of the things I don't really dig with the Nightmare/Friday the 13th/Halloween Sequels is the morphing of the characters from villians to near heroes. That's the problem, with every sequel the focus goes more and more from the protagonists to the villians.

But irregardless it's mostly mindless entertainment and I will always remember being scared to death merely from the commercial for Wes Craven's New Nightmare when I was 9. I could always watch uber violence like Terminator 2 when I was 8 and never fear fazed, but he haunting music and dark setting of horror films freaked me out until I got into my 20's.

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