Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ghostbusters 2

Doug E. Fresh - Spirit

For the past couple of years I've seen the majority of big budget blockbusters that have come out. Either at the drive-in, at home or the theater I've seen the Great (The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean 1) to the decent (Transformers surprisingly, Hancock) to the downright painful (Miami Vice, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull). Upon comparison to the first Ghostbusters, 2 doesn't hold up nearly so well. It's similar and yet slightly divergent but ultimately doesn't have the surprise and creativity of the first. However comparing it to many of the modern day blockbusters and big budget extravaganzas its epic. It's still funny, it's weird as hell, and looks like it was made by a few people instead of by marketing and research groups.

I mean a toaster dances to Jackie Wilson, that's all I need in a movie. Even the soundtrack was similar in being alright but not quite up to the original. However 2 songs do stand out. Doug E. Freshe's Spirit is one of those songs that never actually makes the movie till the credits but sounds absolutely perfect given the time frame it was recorded.

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