Monday, October 27, 2008

The Beast

Much love must go out to The Devil's Music doing a similar thing to my own blog here and the officially unofficial blog most hated by Tipper Gore (In a good way, Twisted Sister...look it up on wikipedia). But I digress. Go there for more of you're demonic musical needs. You just have to Wanna Rock.

The song I got up for this post is especially appropriate considering the mention of The Devil's music. It's called The Beast and it's off of Aphrodite's Child's album 666. Aphrodite's Child is a most righteous band, with one of its members being Greek Super Legend (at least as far as I've read) Vangelis who is more than likely most notable for his contribution to the film Chariots of Fire in composing the epic score. He was also responsible for writing much of the music in Aphrodite's Child.

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Devil Dick said...

well played sir!