Monday, October 06, 2008

Monster Mash-Up

DJ Joel Steven (Voicedude) - Red, Red Moon Rising

I wanted to post some old favorites from the Monster Mash-Up project. Last year they did Bride of Monster Mash-Up and I still have the link up, but its dead now. Some notables who participate are RIAA and DJBC. 2 of my favorites from the original were done by a guy who calls himself Voicedude.

The first is a mash-up of Red Moon Rising by CCR and Red Red Wine by UB40. I remember the radio playing that UB40 cover approximately a billion times back in the day, and if I had to hear it with the original vocals I think I'd kill myself. But in this version it incorporates vocals by Creedence and audio from Young Frankenstein and it works as a mash-up about werewolves even if that wasn't CCR's or UB40s original intent. The other track is a mash-up of Thriller and Black Magic Woman. Somehow even though Thriller is one of the best dance songs ever, it doesn't have a guitar solo which I think we can all agree was always necessary. This finally fills in the guitar solo gap our mind always knew it needed.

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