Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Witches - Demons All around Her

I was originally going to go with a picture from the recent Nic Cage flick Season of the Witch. Then however, I realized it is one of the worst modern movies I have ever seen. I watch a lot of bad movies and usually its not painful especially if you know it didn't cost anything to make like a lot of cheap 80s movies. However not only did it make 90 million dollars but they spent nearly 40 million on making it. Just sad to know all around.

Anyways this blog is supposed to be about the evil not the depressing. With all the Frankensteining, Werewolfing and Draculizing going on, I can't neglect the classic Demon. Not only that this song is done by a band called the Witches so it's thoroughly haunted and there's not a single Nic Cage to be found! Good news. By the way, do yourself a favor and watch Wicker Man, that is a terrible movie that is so bad it puts you in a Zen State of mind as you can't even be angry, you're just confused and your mind goes blank after watching it.

The Witches - Demons All Around Her


Lou C. Ferr said...

"watch Wicker Man, that is a terrible movie"

I assume you mean the 2006 remake with Nic Cage and not the 1973 original with Edward Woodward.

LonChaneyJr said...

Yeah the 2006 remake with Cage in a bee mask.