Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Decided to dig back and go for a 50's song. I'm almost sure I haven't posted this before haha. Too many too count now that I'm goin on my sixth year. I'm also really excited that it sounds like I'm finally gonna get to bring the Ghost Town live in Minneapolis this Halloween. It's a monday so it probably won't be to crazy but I'm excited nonetheless.

Here's some info on the very little known Gary Warren from HalloweenMagazine.com

"Gary Warren's Werewolf was recorded August 18, 1958 on the Nasco label. Re-recorded in 1998 by Southern Culture On The Skids (who also have a great version of She's My Witch) for Rob Zombie's Halloween Hootenanny CD, Werewolf has to be one of my favorite Halloween songs of all time."

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Lou C. Ferr said...

^o^ Thanks! ^o^ Happy Hallowe'en! ^o^