Sunday, October 30, 2011

King Khan and BBQ Show - Zombies

This is a screen capture from a game called Left 4 Dead. You play against and as Zombies. It is amazingly well done and I was absolutely hooked on playing it a few years back. I spent most of winter '08-09 playing it all the time. Its filled with cool moments and the levels are all really fun to play. Its also incredibly rage inducing during the wrong moments but its a great game come Halloween.

Zombies by King Khan and BBQ is completely not for kids. Slitting wrists, gratuitous swearing. I love it, but just an FYI you might not want to play it while answering the door on Halloween. King Khan and BBQ are great to see live. BBQ plays drums and occasionally guitar at the same time. King Khan plays guitar and sometimes crossdresses and they have some incredible garage rock songs.

King Khan and BBQ - Zombies

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