Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few days ago I was watching the incredibly bad Sleepaway Camp trilogy. It's not just bad, it is the worst series of horror movies I've ever seen. At least it competes with Leprechaun. I'm not sure which one is truly the worst and I hope nobody ever goes in depth enough to find out.

Amazingly though, as bad as the movies are, the second one has some decent music in it. One of the songs is Stranger in the Night by the Orange County punk band Agent Orange. It's a good tune and the movie also features a few songs by Canadian metal group Anvil who had a documentary out just last year.

Anyways, enjoy Agent Orange and whatever spooky things you got going on tonight. There's still a few more posts coming and I will try to catch it up tomorrow.

Happy Haunting

Agent Orange - Stranges in the Night

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