Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster Shindig

This track is from Danny Hutton who was in charge of Hanna-Barbera Records before joining Three Dog Night. It's a very weird song given the time it came out. You sounds like a lot of records from the British Invasion and has some tight horns and great guitar lick. The vocals on the track really stand out. Hutton releases a soulful croon and then hits some deep notes as he exclaims "Monster Shinnnn Diiig!". Definately great track.

Later he would join Three Dog Night who are a group I don't believe is underappreciated. One of my favorite movie moments is in Devil's Rejects when Shambala comes on before the movie really gets dark. I'm not a huge fan of Rob Zombie's directing but he can put together amazing soundtracks.

Danny Hutton - Monster Shindig

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