Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Slime

This is a scorching psychedelic from Richard Delvy. Now if I got my facts straight this is Richard Delvy formerly of The Challengers a pretty epic surf rock band from the early 60s. This is very reminiscent of a more polished Roky Erickson. And I would imagine sans electro shock therapy. It's a great track that starts talking about space exploration and then reveals green slime come to earth. So basically the song is the plot to the Blob. 2 minutes and no Dillon brother so it's better than the remake at the very least.

Richard Delvy - Green Slive


Bella2991 Fantage said...

Lol... Green Slime?? AWESOME!! :D heheeee

Anonymous said...

Is there supposed to be a link here somewhere or what? I must be missing something here.