Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dead Man Coming

I realize I've been a little late and behind, but trust me, October has 31 days and you will have 31 posts. Unless I get bitten by a zombie or something, in which case all updates will merely be "Brainsssss..." Repeated over and over. The next track I have is Dead Man Coming by Evil Nine and featuring a guest spot by Toastie Taylor. It's not quite lyrically spooky but tell me this wouldn't make the perfect soundtrack to a few humans fleeing down a darkened ally with zombies in pursuit as others creep out of the darkness and join the hunt.

Evil Nine also have a great track called They Live which I posted last year. I think they are very underated and am looking forward to their next album as they do a great job of pulling together electronic music with hiphop and even dancehall without veering into territory that they can't excel in.

Evil Nine - Dead Man Coming

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