Sunday, October 04, 2009

Devil's Haircut

The next track is what was one of my favorite songs of one of my favorite albums. Back in 1995 I was 11 and got an overpriced Odelay at the Mall of America. I remember I liked Where It's At, but my favorite song was definately Devil's Haircut. It had a crazy video that was shot like a blaxploitation film, a funky harmonica and the laidback snarl of beck. The fuzzy guitar finishes off the groove. There's also the fact that Devil's Haircut sounds totally badass as a song when you're 11 even if the lyrics were pretty much over my head, or over everyone's head. It's not exactly like Beck makes clear statements with all his songs.

I think between the ages of 11 and 14 I probably listened to that album about a billion times. I almost can't listen to it anymore even know I still know it's awesome. Now my favorite song is Jack-Ass which I highly reccomend as well as the Mariachi version on the recently released Odelay Remastered edition.

To Download: Click on Divshare symbol, it will take you to their page where you can click the big button, or you can just play it here on the blog by clicking the play button.

Beck - Devil's Haircut

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