Monday, October 05, 2009

Monster Holiday

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Ah the late great Lon Chaney Jr. I think that might be my favorite monster movie star name. Boris Karloff is definately up there as is Bela Lugosi but those sound almost too strange. It's the simplicity that makes me think Lon Chaney could have been a basketball player or something else. This song is pretty fantastic. Some solid froggy voiced growling by Lon Chaney with a girl group backing up vocals.

I love the concept of the song as well being the famous movie monsters during Christmas. My favorite parts are "the zombies made out with the sleigh and all", and "Drac got his cape, Frankie promised to behave, and the Wolfman was happy now he can shave". Not a bad track for Halloween or Chirstmas. I think you might agree It's pretty hard to listen to this song without going into some kind of awkward twist like sixties dance.

Lon Chaney Jr. - Monster Holiday

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