Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Evil Girl

This is...one of the reasons teenage boys used to dig comics. Wow. But the internet ruined this for all the apparently sex starved guys at Marvel. Still the artwork is pretty badass. I dig the look of late 70s to mid 80s comics. And not necessarily for the busty revealing costumes.

So far I think I have yet to post a little reggae track. Ken Boothe sounds like he got burned by the Devil on this track. "Saying you're a good thing, But I know you're bad!". The best part is the chorus when the backup singers come in, "Youuurrrrre Eeeevvilllll." She might not be supernatural, but this woman is clearly no good.

If anyone has any questions or just wants to comment I there's some people diggin on the blog. Say what's up, let me know you're out there. Also I got a contest I'm gonna post in the coming days. Just a little goofy prize but it'll be fun.

Ken Boothe - Evil Girl

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