Saturday, October 17, 2009

Igor Goes Surfing

One of the things I've found as I've delved into the realm of supernatural and Halloween novelty music of the 60's is that it had quite an overlap with the surf rock craze. Many of the same bands or session musicians played on Monster themed music as did surf records. And when a genre like surf rock reached the ocean barren landscape of Minnesota you know it had to hit pretty much everywhere. Thankfully the same could be said of odd novelty songs.

Igor Goes Surfing manages to combine the best of both genres. A little bit of a Igor impression along with a slick little surf lick. I think my favorite image to come out of this is Igor making a trip to the beach and Igor playing with Sharks in the ocean. Then all of a sudden a flushing sound it made. The best part is the send off, "Where E-Gores, I-Gores".

The Deadly Ones - Igor Goes Surfing

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