Friday, October 16, 2009

Cannibal Zombie Mob

This is a track by Mr Fab off of the Bride of Monster Mash Compilation from a few years back. The track is originally titled Cannibal Zombie Mom but the thing is I'm almost sure the lyrics say Cannibal Zombie Mob? Let me know if you think you can discern it for sure. It's a cool mash of some surf rock, a little shaking electronic beat and an echoey growl about a zombie mob or mom. Mob makes more sense given the context. Let me know what you here.

By the way I know sometimes I'm having to post 2 in 1 day instead of 1 every day. I just get sidetracked or haven't been home. It was my birthday a couple days back so I haven't been home and ready to post as much.

Downloading help: Click on the divshare icon, it will take you to a download page, or if you just want to listen click (obviously) the play button.

Mr. Fab - Cannibal Zombie Mob

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