Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I won't lie, part of the reason I've always loved October is that my birthday lies on the 14th. Halfway through, theres still 2 weeks left till Halloween and plenty of time to get that costume and carve a pumpkin. Since it's my birthday I'm gonna be self indulgent. Today I post one of my favorite songs from my favorite movie ever...Ghostbusters. But not the Ray parker jr. version, I have a metal version by the band Xentrix as well as an Acapella version by the Loyola College Chimes and they perform it complete with sound effects.

Xentrix - Ghostbusters

Loyola College Chimes - Ghostbusters

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Anonymous said...

lisssened to both versions of soong liked xentrix best tho end was irritating better version than singers