Friday, October 27, 2006

I Saw the Wolfman

The Wolfman is back. I havn't posted a song about werewolves or the wolfman specifically in a little while. Trying not to make the blog completely werewolf centric, but I had to bring back the Wolve's because this song is a good rockabilly romp. The best part is like the early rock and roll of the 50s it features a prominant Saxophone honking along with the piano line and shuffling drumss. If you can't dance to this song, well, I guess you need to keep drinking. Anyways, check out Hifi and the Roadrunners. They play like their namesake, fast and fun.

Hifi and the Roadrunners - I Saw the Wolfman

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Joe said...

speaking of werewolves, have you heard of the Young Werewolves? they are a punkabilly (?) group out of PA. their site has samples, and their myspace has a couple different ones: