Friday, October 13, 2006

Number of the Beast

While it isn't 6/6/06 it is Friday the 13th and with that I have Iron Maiden's number of the Beast of the album of the same name. Iron Maiden is one of those bands where virtually every title can be supernatural or spooky in some way or another, and since this is rather epic this is the way to head bang through All Hallows Eve. Plus posting some Iron Maiden gave me an excuse to put up the Album Cover of Number of the Beast. This is one of their most popular albums. At the radio station I used to dj at it was a favorite to toss on. Well that and any Iron Maiden album becaus at the heart of the music it's all about crazy Norwegian Viking conquest stuff and the fact that the music is so metal and the badass vocals by Bruce Dickinson just make you feel like a the 80s....wearing neon.
I also have Shawn Lee's Friday the 13 to satisfy actually putting up a song about the 13th.

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

Shawn Lee - Friday the 13

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