Thursday, October 19, 2006

Freddy's Return

Ahh an ode to one of the 80s most popular villains of Horror flicks, Freddy Krueger. I was scared of Freddy as a kid and I hadn't even seen the commercials. I remember just seeing the adverstisements of the movies on TV and having those be enough for me to be scared of having the lights out. It wasn't enough that he had a disfigured face and long hands made out of pointy metal, but he had that sweater and the creeepy evil Indiana Jones hat. The Song Freddy's Return is done by the Phantom Rockers another Gothabilly band. This is off their cd kissed by a Werewolf.

Phantom Rockers - Freddy's Return


Bill said...

Hey man...this is the best blog ever!!

Got a question for ya, since you seem to be a fellow Freddy you have any freakin' idea where I can find the Go West song "Don't Be Afraid of Your Dreams" from Nightmare part 4? The soundtrack is long out of print...

BTW, love this song, and as I said, the blog rules. Long live Ghost Town!

elvira said...

saw picture of Beach Boys on current blog entry
scrolling songs
this sounds of Beach Boys- 60's souncs