Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feed My Frankenstein

I had to hit up one of the most demoic rockers ever in Alice Cooper before the month was over. He's got more than a few songs, and one that starts off with an introduction by Vincent Price, and this was way before Thriller, but I chose to go with Feed My Frankenstein as it's a good rockin' track for any type of occasion. Not to mention it was good enough for Wayne's World (May Mike Meyers desire to actually make good movies rest in peace). Anyways, between Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne they both battled for Dark Metal Rock Lord Supreme...and then Ozzy Got a TV show and Alice Cooper opened a sports bar...sigh. Not quite the dramatic rock flameout it seems they should've gone out on, but hey, I've been to Alice Cooper's place. It's got lots of tvs and hot wings so I'm happy.

Alice Cooper - Feed my Frankenstein

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mn kidd said...

Alice Cooper rocks...hope to get to his sports bar someday and have some of those hot wings. Which city did you go to? Ya know he's going on tour in 2007.