Saturday, October 28, 2006

Smells Like Monster Mash

Overall I think most mashups are rather uninspired and they gradually become less and less interesting the more you hear them. They're great listening for parties or for that one time quirk factor but for me the more I hear a mashup the less I care. If the 50's had novelty hits we have mashups. But every once in a while one does strike a chord between the music and or vocals that are mixed that seems oddly apppropriate. This version of the Monster Mash was hybridized with Smells Like Teen Spirit. And while I would at one point think maybe Cobain would think this was terrible. But it's trashy, no ones making money off it it, and it seems like a big fuck you to both songs. I wish I knew who to attribute the mashup to, but the bands are Nirvana and Bobby Boris Prickett.

Edit found it, it's by Ded Wood.

Ded Wood - Smells Like Monster Mash

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