Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still trying to get caught up this year. When I originally started this blog it was way back in 2006, I was in school, kind of, not working and had way to much free time. It's crazy that It's almost 7 years later, I'm totally out of school, working full time, still a lot hasn't changed. I'm definitely just as bad at time management, the biggest difference I have less of it. I also get tired easier. Stupid getting old...I need a recharge and a lightnight bolt through my hair. I think that would help.

The Squalls are a mid 80s band that came from Athens, Georgia. You can here some similarities to some of the other Athens Bands like REM but these guys are a little more upbeat than some of their alt contemporaries. It kind of reminds me of a hybrid of Huey Lewis and the News and Simple Minds...if that makes any sense at all. Still a good song.

Squalls - Bride of Frankenstein

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