Thursday, October 17, 2013

Randy Fuller - Wolfman

This image encompasses all ther easons why I read comics. Its a werewolf battling a vampire...on the Moon. Its like everything I love all happening at once and something that almost never would appear in a movie, and never as crazy. Plus theres even what appears to be the Werewolf's girlfriend, also on the moon. Because, well, why not?

This is a psuedo instrumental combined with Wolfman Jack adding in his own vocals over the top and also occasional howling. One of my favorite things about werewolf songs is, you might be a bad singer, but its almost impossible for you to be bad at howling. Which makes me thing maybe more than just canine's used to howl...

Maybe the Werewolf myth is a little truer than we know?
(Probably not, but that won't stop me from enjoying a good werewolf flick)

Randy Fuller - Wolfman

Tomorrow I'm gong to be on the West Coast so my posts might be crazy late. Then again they always are, so probably no difference.

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