Monday, October 15, 2007

Scream She Devil Scream

I feel bad, I had tried to make sure but to no avail, that I didnt repeat a song from last year. However Shawn Lee's Friday the 13th snuck past my Spider senses. However I've got 6 songs that I've checked and double checked and not one has been up before. The first is an gothabilly rock and roller called Scream she Devil Scream. It's a good tune, and if you do a search for She Devil you come up with a surprising amount of picks and most of them arnt porn so thats in and of itself amazing. But the Cryptkicker Five a name taken from the original Monster Mash, broke up 3 years ago. Rock and and tip a drink to a dead gothabilly band.

Cryptkicker Five - Scream She Devil Scream

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Joe Flood said...

I found nothing searching for Cryptkicker Five, but did get results for this song from Cryptkeeper Five: