Saturday, October 20, 2007


I chose this picture for the post on the Clipse's Nightmares. It reminded me far to much of the 80's Dragnet movie staring Dan Akyroyd and Tom Hanks. The premise of the movie was that the villians were pagans who wore sheep leggings did pills and whose leader wore a giant ram's head. It seemed corny then and does now so I find this comic cover more assuming than frightening but that's the same with Clipse Nightmares. It's got this solid hook sung by Bilal whose been kind've absent since he hit the seen a few years back. He's much better than other Hiphop singers R Kelly and Akon and that's probably the reason it's harder to get him on a track. My favorite moment in this song is when they re-sing a short bar from the Geto Boys Mind Playing Tricks on Me.

"I make big money, I drive big cars, everybody know me, it's like I'm a movie star."

Clipse - Nightmares

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