Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winston Zeddemore

Maybe I've managed to hide it, maybe I haven't. But I am a huge fan of Ghostbusters. It's easily my favorite movie. Although this probably isn't a huge surprise to anyone reading a Halloween music blog. The movie, the cartoon and even the soundtrack were all awesome. I own easly to many weird odd Ghostbusters collectibles and I'm not even super addicted, just some figurines, trading cards and comics here and there on the side, I'm sure plenty of other collectors got me beat.

Out of the four Ghostbusters, it's Winston that gets the least love. Played by Ernie Hudson, he was left off of the original movie poster, was the last to be released of the New Ghostbusters figures. It's sad really as I don't consider him any less of a character. Especially in the cartoon where some of his stories were among the best. Check out the Real Ghostbusters cartoon if you can get ahold of it by the way. A lot of the episodes feature very strong writing including some by J Michael Straczynski.

This track is a simple remix of the current Duck Sauce track Barbara Streissand. It was made by Castewar from Proton Charging a Ghostbusters web site. In the original, the audio in the break calls out Barbara Streissand but this remix calls out the 4th Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore!

Castewar/Duck Sauce - Winston Zeddemore

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