Monday, October 04, 2010

The Living Dead

This is a unique track done by Phantom Planet for the soundtrack to the Xbox game Stubbs the Zombie. Its a bizarre album as it has some scary type songs but mostly a lot of covers of old 50's songer by modern bands. Some of them are surprisingly cool especially the Orangemen's take on Mr. Sandman. Which is just an amazing song and one that always makes me thing of Back to the Future.

I could never tell if I thought Phantom Planet was a good band or not. They weren't terrible. I probably doesn't matter though as I'm sure they did well enough off being the band that did the theme song to the O.C.

Phantom Planet - The Living Dead

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BigNoseBob said...

I'm unashamedly a Phantom Planet fan, and love this track. That being said, I love this entire album more. The video game it's tied to is fun though forgettable, but this soundtrack album never gets old. Great pick!